Request for Application of participants on the 2016 Cultural Partnership Initiative Programme

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The Republic of Korea is now asking for your participation in the project of Cultural Partnership Initiative(hereinafter CPI).

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea(hereinafter MCST) has undertaken the CPI Project aiming at enhancing the international exchange in the field of Culture, Arts, Tourism and Sports through inviting specialists from all over the world since 2005. Participants of the CPI project would be kindly asked to stay in Korea for the fixed period(for 5 months: from the middle of June to November). At the moment, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation(hereinafter CHF) is also conducting one of the CPI Projects under the support of the MCST and the CPI Secretariat.

CHF is looking forward to meet new participants in field of cultural heritage who will make good relationship between both institutes and countries. Applicants can go through the detailed information on the attached files of this letter or the CPI Secretariat website. ( ) Total number of participants will be 6 persons. (2 persons maximum per each country)

You can refer to guideline about the process on the attached file below; “2015 CPI Program Guideline”, “2015 CPI Application Form”, “2015 CPI Research Proposal” and “2016 CPI Program Application Guideline (CHF)” (The official “2016 Application Form” will be distributed in April by CPI Secretariat. And it will be announced on the following website. ( )

The schedule could be changed or extended partially under discussion with CPI Secretariat. For the convenience and immediate contact of these kinds of case, let us know the applicant’s expression of intention by e-mail.

CHF is kindly asking you to apply the CPI-CHF Program by April 15th 2016. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Best regards and thank you.

Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation