Pyeongchang Magic Giveaway Korea

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Giveaway Korea (
Pyeongchang Magic Giveaway Korea

[2018 PyeongChang Event 2]

You Can Also Do It, PyeongChang Magic!
Last chance to get a FREE flight ticket to Korea in 2017✈!!!

Watch all four PyeongChang Winter Games promotion videos🎞
Then, take a picture of yourself and answer the questions!
Amazing prizes are waiting for you😍


1⃣ These are the promotion videos of PyeongChang Winter Games, which will be held in year OOOO in OOOOO.
2⃣ Among four videos, PyeongChang Mascot OOOOOOOOO appears in O videos.
⁉How to Participate:
✓ Watch 4 PyeongChang Winter Games promotion videos from YouTube, Facebook OR K-Store.

Giveaway Korea (
Pyeongchang Magic Giveaway Korea

✓ Take a picture of yourself imitating the representative poses of the videos.

Giveaway Korea (
Pyeongchang Magic Giveaway Korea

✓ Post pictures on your Facebook in Public with a PyeongChang supporting message.

Giveaway Korea (
Pyeongchang Magic Giveaway Korea

✓ Message the posting URL with the quiz answers to ‘Talk Talk Korea’ Facebook!
🗓Period: 25 July ~ 31 August, 2017

✓ Round-trip flight ticket to Korea (1 Person)
✓ Bluetooth Earphone (10 People)
✓ PyeongChang Gift Box (30 People)
🎉Winners Announcement: 5 September, 2017
✈Prize will be shipped to all countries for free🆓
📺Watch more on YouTube

✓ Snowboard ▶
✓ Ski Jumping ▶
✓ Cross-county Skiing ▶
✓ Speed Skating ▶

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