Kyunghee Summer Program 2015

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Kyung Hee University is a private, research university encompassing an educational system from kindergarten to graduate school with campuses in Seoul, Suwon, and Gwangneung (on the outskirts of Namyangju city), South Korea. Kyung Hee University was founded in 1949 by Dr. Young Seek Choue, whose founding philosophy was “Toward a New Civilization”. Some of its major landmarks include spearheading the Global Common Society Movement, establishing the International Association of University Presidents and the United Nations International Day of Peace, receiving the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, organized the 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs, holding the World Civic Forum in 2009, and holding the UNAI-Kyung Hee International Symposium in 2011.

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Kyunghee summer program

Take a look at Vice Rector about the summer program :

The Global Collaborative Summer Program was established through an institutional agreement between Kyung Hee University and University of Pennsylvania, which was later joined by other prestigious universities as well as international organizations such as the United Nations and international organizations.

Under the theme “Humanity, Civilization, and Global Governance,” the Global Collaborative Summer Program seeks to promote a better understanding of the East Asian region and the world, in tandem with the current quests for “world peace” and “global common good.” It also aims to provide a new paradigm of higher education for the emerging global agenda by consciously integrating education, research and global service.

Through high-quality research and education on Humanity, Civilization, and Global Governance, we hope this program will present an opportunity for students around the world to share ideas and views with each other and to reflect on their emerging roles in the global community. On behalf of Kyung Hee University, I would like to warmly welcome you all to our Global Collaborative Summer Program.

Jongpil Chung, Ph.D. Vice Rector

Participants can supplement their knowledge gained from coursework through an array of historical and cultural programs that directly address the East Asian experiences. Seoul City Tour Students will get to know and enjoy the capital Seoul, the city of past, present, and future.

Korean Culture Week (7/25~7/29) : Students wil be able to supplement what they learn in their classes not only through an array of historical and cultural programs that expose them to East Asian Culture but also through contemporary Korean pop culture.

  • [Korean Pop Culture (Hallyu)] : “Experience “Hallyu” (Korean pop-culture including K-Pop, TV dramas, movies, and games)!!”
  • Broadcasting Station Visit Students will visit a national broadcasting station, such as SBS and MNet, and see the birthplace of the Hallyu craze firsthand.
  • Fan Meeting with KHU Alumni Entertainers Students will enjoy an exclusive meeting with K-Pop stars who happen to be KHU alumni.
    [Korean Traditional Culture Activities]
  • DMZ A strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea, students will gain insight into the past, present, and future of the two Koreas.
  • Namsan & N Seoul Tower At this cultural complex landmark of Seoul established at the highest point of the city, students will be able to appreciate the beauty of the city landscape while enjoying the nature of Namsan and the cultural exhibitions taking place.
  • Korean Folk Village On this visit to a folk village, students will discover the richness of Korean traditional culture by learning about Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), Hanok (traditional Korean houses), and last but not least, Korean food.
  • Talent Show Student can show and compete their talent with other talented GC students. Through this lively event, students share their energy & culture and bring unforgettable memories back home.

*Programs are subject to be changed.


>> Eligibility

The Global Collaborative Summer Program is open to all domestic undergraduate and graduate students and all international students pursuing interests in Humanity, Civilization and Global Governance. As classes are entirely instructed in English, English competence in discussion and presentation is a pre-requisite.

>> Application Procedures

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Apllication Procedure

Early Registration: 3/16-3/30, Small gift will be given to early registered students. You can apply online here

>> Required Documents

Domestic Students

  • Online Application (
  • Official proof of student status (e.g. official transcripts from home institution, certificate of enrollment, or proof of leave of absence)
  • Passport sized photo: Upload it on the online application (maximum size of 500kb)

International students

  • Online Application ( [Items below should be emailed or mailed to designated mailing address]
  • Passport sized photo: Upload it on the online application (maximum size of 500kb)
  • A copy of the passport Official proof of student status (e.g. official transcripts from home institution, certificate of enrollment, or proof of leave of absence)

>> Scholarship

  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence (Domestic students ineligible) : Students who obtain an A+ in all courses taken receive a scholarship of US $1,000.
  • Alumni Scholarship: Students who have a Kyung Hee University alumni parent receive a 30% reduction in tuition. The parent’s certificate of graduation and proof of relationship to the student are required. Exchange Student Scholarship: Students who are nominated as an exchange summer program student by their home universities may also receive exchange student scholarships.
  • Returning Students Scholarship (Domestic Students ineligible): Students who have participated in the Global Collaborative program in the past receive a scholarship of US $1,000.
  • KHU Student Scholarship: Various scholarships for KHU students are available. Employee’s Family Scholarship: If a parent is a faculty or staff member of Kyung Hee University, the tuition can be reduced by 50% for students. The parent’s certificate of employment and proof of relationship to the student are required.

Note: Students may receive only one of the listed scholarships.

>> Contact Information

Global Academy for Future Civilizations Kyung Hee University
26 Kyunghee-daero, Dongdaemun-gu Seoul 130-701 Korea
Phone: 82-2-961-0995~0996 Fax: 82-2-961-0997
E-mail :