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Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is a private research university based in Seoul. The university is widely considered as one of the best private higher educations in South Korea, especially on foreign language and social science. In 2007, HUFS won third place of Korean universities on the National Customer Satisfaction Index, and was placed second in terms of internationalization two years in a row in the university rankings of JoongAng Ilbo.

The International Summer Session in Korean & East Asian Studies (ISS) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), offered continuously for ten years since its establishment in 2003, provides a unique opportunity to all those who want to deepen their understanding of Korean society and the sources of its current trends. International students may increase their Korean language proficiency through ISS language classes, and domestic Korean students have the opportunity to enhance their English language proficiency by studying in an international environment where all courses are taught in English.

>> Application Procedures

You can apply for HUFS International Summer Session online.
Printed versions of the application form will be also accepted.

 Online Application
● Log in to the online application page
※ Go to the menu “Apply for 2015 ISS”
● Fill out the appropriate information (Application fee payment information required)

Offline Application
● Download the application form (Go to “Apply for 2015 ISS!”)
● Fill out the appropriate information, including information for payment of the application fee.
● Submit your application to our office by FAX (822-2173-2877) or by emailing a scanned version to

Application will not be considered complete and will not be processed until all supporting materials are received and application fee payment is confirmed. Students are notified when their applications are complete, usually within two weeks after the application is complete or by the published notification date.

* International students should note that their application deadlines are earlier than those of Korean students. This is to allow adequate time for the processing of student visas and the receipt of payments.


>> Application Deadline
Application Deadline for International Students: MAY 29, 2015 (KST)
Application Deadline for HUFS Domestic Students: JUNE 30, 2015 (KST)


>> Qualification
– Status
Admission to the ISS is open to anyone who has completed at least one semester or two quarters of college or university. The minimum GPA required for admission is 2.00 on a 4.00 scale (or equivalent).

(Under special circumstances, qualified high school graduates who will be enrolled in a university program in the fall 2015 semester may petition for acceptance into the program.)

  – English Proficiency
1) Students currently attending a university where English is the medium of instruction or who have graduated from an English medium high school do not need proof of English proficiency.

2) Students who graduated from high school in Korea, as well as students who are enrolled at non-English speaking universities must submit proof of a CBT TOEFL score above 197 (Internet Based Test IBT 71), TOEIC score of 700, or a HUFS FLEX score of 625.

These language proficiency requirements have been established to ensure that all students registered for ISS are able to adequately participate in and benefit from the instructional activities, which are all provided in English.

If a student does not have a TOEFL, TOEIC or FLEX score, alternative verification of sufficient English proficiency may also be provided in the form of a letter from a university professor familiar both with expected standards in an English-medium university program and with the student’s ability to perform in an English-medium academic atmosphere.

The professor’s letter should explicitly certify that the student has a sufficiently high proficiency in English to be able to actively participate in a program of study where lectures, class discussions and exams are conducted in English and where it is expected that term papers will be written in academic English.


>> Fees

HUFS Intenational Summer Program (
HUFS Summer Program (

Students can enroll in a minimum of one class(3-hour course) to a maximum of 3 classes for a total of 9 credit hours. A student who enrolls for 6 credit hours of content courses may also choose to enroll in a language class in the afternoon. Only students enrolled in at least one ISS content course may enroll in the Korean language or Academic English classes.

HUFS students will pay a reduced tuition and application fee of KRW 950,000 for two 3-credit courses (a total of 6 credit hours). All language class fees and dormitory fees apply. There will be a small nominal fee for weekend excursions.

Foreign students who are already on exchange at HUFS (or who wish to stay for the summer after their  exchange semester finishes) may apply to attend ISS as HUFS students. In other words, they will pay a reduced tuition and application fee of KRW 950,00 for two 3-credit courses ( a total of 6 credit hours). All language class fees and dormitory fees apply. There will be a small nominal fee for weekend excursions. Students must visit our office in advance to apply for a visa extension to participate in 2015 ISS.

Independent or post-graduate Korean Studies scholars may petition to register as non-credit auditors and pay reduced fees, based on the number of classes they wish to attend. In all cases, the application fee will apply, however.


a. Online Application Form
b. Application form for ISS scholarships  Click here to download


     April 30, 2015   Application Deadline for ISS Scholarships

     May 10, 2015    Announcement of Awards.

* Exchange students are not eligible. Scholarships only apply to fee-paying students.

* Students who are applying for any scholarships must register for two or more of ISS courses.
* Students may apply for any or all scholarships for which they are eligible, but only one will be awarded.
* Each scholarship is awarded on the basis of screening of documents submitted at the same time as this application.
* The supporting documents should be submitted by mail, FAX(+82-2-2173-2877) or email( attachment before the application deadline in order for the ISS staff to process the application before the award announcement.


 Child of HUFS alumni

Tuition waiver of USD 950 offered to child of HUFS alumni;

– Outstanding Academic Record(based on college transcript)

Tuition waivers of USD 1,900 & USD 950; open to international students who have completed at leastone full academic year of study

– Students from HUFS International Partner Universities

Tuition waiver of USD 950 offered to any student from a HUFS partner university.
(Officially designated “exchange students” should not apply for this scholarship.※)

– Korean Studies / East Asian Studies Major from Non-partner Institution

Tuition waiver of USD 950; open to any international student majoring in Korean Studies, East/Asian Studies or closely related field, e.g. Asian Business, Asian Performing Arts, etc.

 – Korean Adoptees

     Tuition waiver of USD 950; open to any Korean adoptee

 – Descendants of UN Korean War Veterans 

100% Tuition waiver to any international descendants of UN Korean War veterans

 – ISS 2015 Outstanding Achievement (awarded in August at the end of ISS)

Two cash awards will be made to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance
in the summer program. ISS faculty will nominate students from their classes for this award.
One award will be in the amount of KRW1,000,000 and the other in the amount of KRW 500,000.

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